Our Network Rocks. It's that simple.

Why? Well..

4 Providers, 1000's of peers

Through wholesale transit agreements with Shaw, Telus, Peer 1 and Enmax we are able to provide direct access to an extensive number of peers and a reach that is far superior to most.

3 Cities

We maintain an entirely Cisco powered low latency multi-gigabit network spanning Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. We have POP's and Data Center space for your gear in any of these cities. If Co-location isn't your thing we also offer wholesale last mile options from DSL/Cable to MPLS.

An amazing uptime record

We have a long term verifiable record of the most important point of all: We were online - period. S.L.A's are wonderful but they don't make up for the revenue and customer faith lost by unanticipated downtime. We have a very clear proactive maintenance policy and an obsession with 'Plan B'. These policies pay off in uptime for our customers.

Low Latency

Our network maintains a very low latency due to our large number of peers, extensive monitoring and traffic policies favoring latency over cost. This makes us a very good choice for latency sensitive applications such as Video, VOIP, Gaming etc.

Alberta SuperNet Connected

We maintain a multi-gigabit connection to the Alberta SuperNet. If you are providing internet services outside of the major cities in Alberta we can help you stay competitive and local, instead of shipping all your traffic to the U.S. as Axia does.

.. and last but not least aggressive pricing

We pit our providers against each other to win your business for the best price.

We are not another provider peddling bottom of the barrel bandwidth for as cheap as possible and joining the race to zero. As mentioned above - we sell premium bandwidth, period - but we sell a lot of it. This translates to very good volume driven savings for us and by extension our customers.

If you are have a high traffic, or dedicated traffic need we would value the opportunity to speak about it. We may be able to offer some solutions providing a far better value for your business than simply going straight to the providers on your own.

Please Email Sales to discuss your network needs today!